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The Professionals for Professionals.

We specialise in teaching and training businesses and business people around Mlada Boleslav. We train our clients in the comfort of their own workplace. We train mostly businesses in the Automotive industry which also means we have a very good background and overview of it.

“Our clients’ Satisfaction Always Comes First.”

Our Core services

Company Language Training Courses

Skype Lessons

Intensive Training Courses

English in the Automotive Industry

Executive Training Holidays

Translations, Interpretation and Proofreading

Cambridge Exam Preparation (FCE,CAE etc)

English for Young Learners

Courses for the Public

We Offer Our New Clients 1 Free Trial Lesson.
We work in and around Mlada Boleslav. Contact us today to join our many satisfied clients.
We are British-managed and hope to bring education into the 21st century

About Us

We specialise in teaching and training businesses and business people in Mlada Boleslav. We mostly work with clients from the Automotive Industry.

We try to support our clients with individually designed lessons based on our clients needs. We are proud to say that we continue to satisfy our clients by always keeping our promises and cooperating with very few issues and wish to continue with our services for what we hope to be a long and beneficial aid to their business.

We value our name and reputation. We aim to represent who we are as an organisation and that trust, quality and expertise are the first things that come to mind when you hear our name. We continue to move forward and any challenges that may come our way we view as an opportunity to learn and develop ourselves further. We cannot and should not ever stop learning.

What do we offer our clients?


Hard work.



Common Sense.

All an asset in this day and age.

We are always looking for talented teachers to join our team, so feel free to contact us!

Our Team

William Aldiss

William is from the United Kingdom, specifically the region of East Anglia which explains why we are named “EA English Professional Development”.

He has been living and teaching in Mlada Boleslav since 2013.


To help to build a better future for the next generation.

To redefine the way English is taught in CZ.

To maintain both teacher and client satisfaction.

To have the highest level of quality and efficiency.

Let’s Build a Better Future.

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