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We specialize in teaching and training businesses and business people around Mlada Boleslav. We train our clients in the comfort of their own workplace. We train mostly businesses in the Automotive industry which also means we have a very good background and overview of it.

Why We Do What We Do

Simply because we love it.

We love helping people to better themselves and be the best they can be.

“Our clients’ Satisfaction always comes first.”

The Ripple Effect

One of the main reasons we love what we do is what we call “The ripple effect”. It is said that we are all only drops in the ocean but when a drop falls onto water it creates ripples and this is our philosophy. We can only help those around us to make a better world, we cannot influence much more than that. By training and teaching our clients we are able to help them improve themselves, which means it allows them to improve in their professional life, which means a better and stronger company or business which creates more opportunities in our city which also helps to make our country stronger; Just like the ripples from the original drop.

Our Core services

Company Language training courses

Why is it necessary to have lessons in your company or workplace?

English is the number 1 language in the business world. If you or your team are not able to communicate effectively with your clients around the world, your business is at a disadvantage. The world is changing fast, especially with the help of information technology and we are now able to find and be found by business partners all around the world, so when the time comes, it is vital that your language skills represent you and you company accurately and in the correct way. We all know just how important first impressions are and how costly misunderstandings can be.

The job market is also saturated with job offers especially in the automotive industry so it is also important to be attractive for potential new employees as language courses are a usual part of most companies’ benefit packages.

Stressed about traveling through the city and battling the traffic?

We come to you so there is no need to be.  All we need is a sufficient place to have the training session and usually have 1 to 1 lessons as well as groups of up to 4 people. We have many satisfied clients around Mlada Boleslav with whom we have been working for over 4 years. We provide Czech, Foreign and Native language trainers.

Our trainers are able to assess our clients’ needs and to tailor make each course to suit our clients.

Skype lessons

Are you too busy to attend an English course? Are you on the road or travelling too frequently?

Then we may have a solution for you. Have you ever considered Skype lessons?

Skype lessons are a fantastic way to improve your English from anywhere in the world. Thanks to modern-day technology we can now communicate via a mobile phone, tablet or Laptop.  

It is also a fantastic way to practice talking on the phone and teleconferences, a skill which can be difficult for many people, but an essential skill in this day and age.

Intensive training courses

Do you or someone from your team need to rapidly increase their level of English?

Are you starting a new position where English is used daily?

Do you need to prepare for an important meeting or presentation with your international partners?

We can help. We offer intensive one to 5-day training courses to our clients. It is a fantastic way to sharpen your skills and boost your confidence with a personal and individual approach. In this environment we are able to dedicate our entire time and energy into moving you forward.

English in the Automotive Industry

Do you work in or want to work in the Automotive Industry?

Do you want to improve your language skills related to your current or future sector?

Due to our long history working within the Automotive Industry, we have collected a wide variety of expertise with the inner mechanics of the industry. Therefore, we are able to offer our clients the tools they may need or to sharpen the tools they have already gained from their time working there. Once we have assessed your needs and current skills, we can arrange the necessary resources to help you.

Executive Training Holidays

We offer executive training holidays to those looking for intensive and personal language training.

Each course is absolutely individual with our clients being tested prior to leaving on the trip to ensure that we use our time to maximum effect.

So, what are Executive Training holidays?

An executive training holiday is trip to any country or place that our clients wish to visit. It could be Krkonose (The Giant Mountains), it could be Bali. The choice is down to our clients.  As mentioned, everything will be arranged before leaving and our schedule will be as flexible and intensive as our clients expect.

And what is the Advantage of learning this way?

Each course is with a native Brit and each programme is designed and suited to each student, which means our time together will be fully utilised and our teacher can give you their undivided attention and care. The fact that we are moving around and doing activities creates opportunity for phrases and situations which can only be simulated in the classroom, not like in a natural environment whilst on our executive holiday. The differences and progress are clearly recognisable.  Most courses last between 5-10 days.  

Translations and Proofreading

Do you want the content of your company website or promotional material to free of any embarrassing mistakes?

Are you unsure if your writing is clear for the reader, maybe your bosses, maybe your professor, maybe your customer?

Would you like to have your document in another language?

Well look no further, we are here to help. We have extensive experience in the translation and proofreading of technical, business, academic and marketing pieces of text. Therefore, we are able to accommodate almost any of our clients’ needs. We aim for a 7-10-day turnaround time for most standard pieces of text as well as an express service when the time frame is very limited.

We work in and around Mlada Boleslav. Contact us today to join our many satisfied clients.
We are British-managed and hope to bring education into the 21st century

About Us

We specialise in teaching and training businesses and business people in Mlada Boleslav. We mostly work with clients from the Automotive Industry.

We try to support our clients with individually designed lessons based on our clients needs. We are proud to say that we continue to satisfy our clients by always keeping our promises and cooperating with very few issues and wish to continue with our services for what we hope to be a long and beneficial aid to their business.

We value our name and reputation. We aim to represent who we are as an organisation and that trust, quality and expertise are the first things that come to mind when you hear our name. We continue to move forward and any challenges that may come our way we view as an opportunity to learn and develop ourselves further. We cannot and should not ever stop learning.

We are always looking for new talented teachers to join our team, so feel free to contact us!

What do we offer?


Hard work.



Common Sense.

All an asset in this day and age.


Our Team

William Aldiss
William Aldiss

William is from the United Kingdom, specifically the region of East Anglia which explains why we are named “EA English Professional Development”.

He has been living and teaching in Mlada Boleslav since 2013.


To help to build a better future for the next generation.

To redefine the way English is taught in CZ.

To maintain both teacher and client satisfaction.

To have the highest level of quality and efficiency.

Let’s Build a Better Future.

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